Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rainbow Warriors

I took this photo for a book that my class is publishing about a very famous street in Atlanta called Peachtree Street. I wanted to show Peachtree street in a different light so I did a little flaneuring about and found a creek that runs underneath it where some homeless kids had set up a little abode. My favorite part of their home, in addition to the cardboard box overflowing with National Geographics and a homemade bong made out of a vacuum cleaner, was the message I found written on a piece of rotting wood painted baby blue that was being used as a partition for their bedroom. It read "Becky I love you more than anything in this world!" I felt that in a small way, I had been given a very intimate and forbidden glimpse into these kids lives.

I say these kids, but I really don't know who lived here. When I got to their home they had already up and gone, leaving behind a mess of crumpled sheets, strewn magazines and the kind of undistinguishable debris that is often a mystery to those of us who don't exist and operate within the "dark realm" often referred to and so aptly named for this story, as the underbelly of society. This space and message was very evocative for me as I concocted an entire scenario in my head of the characters: 18-20 year old heroin addicted heterosexual couple who probably came from a well off but emotionally unavailable family who had become each others everything.

I wonder where they are now? One day they may look back on this time with disgust and or embarrassment and shame, or as a source of strength. They may bury each others memory in a far off corner of their minds and hearts and hide it from their friends and families in order to forget, or they may remain together. One day they may no longer speak to each other, one might die soon, or both, or they may live long and fulfilling lives. I will never know. But I do know that in that moment they loved each other. And I am happy they did. Or...there is always the possibility that this is just a really kick ass fort :)

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