Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Bonjour blogosphere!

My name is Ryan and I am a 27-year-old photography student in Atlanta, Georgia who loves traveling, human rights, good food, the TLC channel and many other things under the sun. Why a blog? Well, I have always wanted to have one, especially as of late due to my current obsession with Julie and Julia ☺, but felt it was a bit narcissistic for me to do so on top of a my space (yes I am still on myspace), a facebook, and a you tube account. The ME generation thing kind of freaks me out. This quarter however, for one of my photography classes, we are required to start one. Yay! Finally an excuse for me to share my thoughts, musings, ideas, opinions, and pictures with other photographers and the world without feeling like a tool. So what will I be blogging about you may ask.........why not "fotos and fun." Keep in mind though that I find current events, slow movies with lots and lots of dialogue, and NPR fun so I guess anything is really game. Except for sports talk! I do not find sports talk fun!!! I will be posting many of my school projects on this site along with other stuff I am working on and I just want all my readers to know that criticism is welcome as I have much to learn.

P.S. I love how I said “ALL my readers" haha. As of now I have 0 subscribers, but I will get to work on that ASAP. Subscribe to my blog and I will love you forever.